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    December 30, 2020

    Dear GHS Families, 

    The Groveton High School community has been saddened by the sudden death of one of our 8th  grade students, Kathleen Laundry. Our hearts and thoughts go out to her family and friends as they cope with this tremendous personal loss. The primary focus is on first honoring Kathleen and her grieving family, while supporting our students, faculty, and staff.

    During this time, as our school community processes this tragic news and copes with grief, a team of GHS counselors and trained staff will be made available to all students for both individual and group counseling.  Our district counselors, school psychologist, trained staff, and administrators will be available for any student who needs and wants help and emotional support. 

    Your child may be affected by the death of his/her peer and may express feelings, grief, and concerns in a variety of ways. It is important to listen to your child as he/she processes thoughts and feelings. Each person reacts to death in his/her own way and teens, just as adults, can go through the stages of grief which may include denial, anger, and guilt among other emotions.  The Groveton High School guidance department and administration would like to offer support to you and your family as we honor the Laundry family and their wishes through this tragedy. 

    The following are some resources that may be helpful:

    Addressing Grief NASP

    National Alliance for Grieving Children

    Northern Human Services - 603-636-2555

    Please do not hesitate to call 636-1619, with any questions or concerns. We will have a support plan in place for Monday when students return to school.  Yet, if you feel as though your child needs support before then please email one of the individuals listed below, and we can arrange time to meet with your child.  You and your family are important to us and we know you share our concern, support, and deepest sympathy for the family.

    Erin Messer, Principal

    Erin Messer, Principal  636-1619 ext. 302

    Sam Natti, Assistant Principal    636-1619 ext. 303

    Kelley MacLean, School Counselor 636-1619 ext. 307

    Jennifer Lyon, School Counselor 636-1806 ext 403

    Laurie Rathman, School Psychologist  636-1619  ext 338

    Dr. Tia Cloutier, Special Education Teacher  636-1619  ext 322

    Robin Ramsdell- Cassady, Special Education Teacher

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